“Be The Change. Community Action Tool Kit”

“Monitoring Education for Global Citizenship: A Contribution to Debate”

“Get it Global. Manual on Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals in the Work with Young People”

“Global Education Guidelines. A Handbook for Educators to Understand and Implement Global Education”

“Global Citizenship Education. Topics and Learnings Objectives”

“The Common Cause Handbook. A Guide to Values and Frames for Campaigners, Community Organisers, Civil Servants, Fundraisers, Educators, Social Entrepreneurs, Activists, Funders, Politicians, and everyone in between.”

“Global Action Theme Toolkit. How to Develop and Implement Projects on the Millenium Development Goals”

“Chapter I – Human Rights Education and Compass, a Brief Guide for Practitioners”

“Learning to Unlearn and Learn Otherwise: New Horizons for Global Citizenship Education” – Presentation by Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti

Homepage: “Global Education: Teacher resources to encourage a global perspective across the curriculum”

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