Global Education

At its heart, Global Education empowers young people to participate in shaping a better, shared future for the world and everyone in it.

It’s an educational approach to our globalized intercultural world system that:

  • Offers knowledge
  • Builds skills
  • Strives to shape positive and informed attitudes.

Global Education content looks at interdependency and correlations; environmental sustainability; human rights and the causes of poverty and inequality; conflict transformation; diversity; intercultural dialogue; critical thinking; engagement; and social justice.

It’s important to understand how social, political and environmental interactions and interdependencies shape current reality. We, as global citizens, must be pro-active, resilient and open-minded in order to support social justice, equity and to prevent environmental deterioration.

Global Education allows us to develop a global, holistic view and to explore current life systems and problematic conditions around the globe.

We are invited to express our views and values, consider our lifestyles, reflect on our role in this interconnected world and to interpret reality through others’ eyes. Learning to listen, while respecting and valuing diversity are both tools and goals in this process that aims to lead to informed choices about lifestyle, behaviour and responsibilities.

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