International Sharing Meeting, Slovenia – Planica

What’s in our Story? Scouting and Guiding for the common future.

From 10th to 14th May 2017, we brought together a group of 56 Scout and Guide Leaders from seven countries: Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Scotland, Germany and Poland. It was the third and final international sharing meeting in the project, following Prague/Litomyšl 2015 and Banská Štiavnica 2016. The aim of the event was for Leaders to come together to explore how Scouts and Guides can be a force for positive social change in our local and global environment.

What’s in a Story?

The story of Robert, Olave and Agnes Baden-Powell shapes Scouting and Girl guiding movements across the world today. The story is being retold in thousands of languages by millions of people and each time the story is told, it reminds us of our Promise. In the fast-changing world, is it time to re-tell our Scouting and Guiding story?

Created through posts on social networks, in films, images, conversations, newspapers or books – stories blur reality and myth. They shape our values and attitudes towards society and impact the story of our founders.

This event was hosted by a unique partnership between Global Education NGOs and Scouting and Guiding from across Europe. The aim was to challenge us to critically think about our own story and creatively discover new perspectives. The event offered space and time to discover new potential that Scouts and Guides have as members, leaders and as a movement. We asked questions such as who we are, and how do we imagine our role in always changing world?

Objectives were:

  • To provide space for discussion and reflection on how Global Education and Scouting and Guiding relate to one another;
  • To share achievements and experiences in linking Global Education and Scouting and Guiding in the framework of the project;
  • To explore ways to further raise awareness about Global Education in Scouting and Guiding and contribute to sustainability of the Scouts and Guides’ active global citizens story

For more information’s regarding the International Sharing Meeting in Slovenia, please see the material below.

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