Short Project Information

Scouts and Guides: Active Global Citizens is a Global Education project created across seven European countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia and Slovenia) and funded by the European Union. In the project countries, it is implemented in collaboration with non-governmental organisation and a Scouts and Guides organisation. Internationally, it is supported by WOSM and WAGGGS.

The international project aims to increase the role Scouts and Guides play in promoting human rights, equality and justice in the world. It encourages Scouts and Guides to recognise that we live in an interconnected world where local actions have global impacts. We believe this will contribute to more responsible behaviour and informed decision making of all of us.

We work with Scout and Guide leaders to qualify them to work with Global Education and further spread the understanding and discussion of global issues and interconnectedness into their organisations. To help them to do this, we conduct workshops and provide them with competences and methodologies for implementing Global Education into activities for their Scouts and Guides groups. In this way, we want to empower Scouts and Guides in all project countries to be active global citizens and to stimulate their engagement with local informed actions. International yearly meetings for Scouts and Guides from all project countries offer the opportunity for exchange and mutual empowerment.

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